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Portugal 20 Escudos 1971 UNC
Front: Garcia De Orta (1501 or 1502 – 1568)
Back: O Mercado De Goa Seculo XVI
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Garcia de Orta (1501 or 1502 – 1568) was a Renaissance Portuguese Jewish physician and naturalist. He was a pioneer of tropical medicine.

Garcia de Orta's busy practice evidently prevented him travelling beyond the west coast of India, but in the busy market and trading hub of Goa he met spice merchants, traders and physicians from many parts of southern Asia and the Indian Ocean coasts. He was confident in Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew, Latin, Greek and Arabic; his work shows that he also had some knowledge of Persian, Marathi, Konkani, Sanskrit and Kannada. Correspondents and agents sent him seeds and plants; he also traded in spices, drugs and precious stones. He evidently kept a laboratory and botanical garden

Title page of Garcia de Orta's Colóquios. Goa, 1563.
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