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Argentina 1 Austral 1985-1991 UNC
Front: Bernardino de la Trinidad Gónzalez Rivadavia y Rivadavia (1780 – 1845)
Back: Liberty

1st President of Argentina

Bernardino de la Trinidad Gónzalez Rivadavia y Rivadavia (May 20, 1780 – September 2, 1845) was the first president of Argentina, from February 8, 1826 to July 7, 1827.
Bernardino Rivadavia was of African descent and his political rivals used to call him Doctor Chocolate.
Rivadavia was active in both the Argentine resistance to the British invasion of 1806 and in the May Revolution movement for Argentine Independence in 1810. In 1811, Rivadavia became the dominating member of the governing triumvirate as Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary of War. Until its fall in October 1812, this government focused on creating a strong central government, moderating relations with Spain, and organizing an army. His government had many problems, primarily an ongoing war with Brazil over territory in modern Uruguay and resistance from provincial authorities. Faced with the rising power of the Federalist Party and with several provinces in open revolt, Rivadavia submitted his resignation on June 29, 1827. He was succeeded by Vicente López y Planes. At first he returned to private life, but fled to exile in Europe in 1829.

Rivadavia returned to Argentina in 1834 to confront his political enemies, but was immediately sentenced again to exile. He went first to Brazil and then to Spain, where he died September 2, 1845. He asked that his body would never be brought back to Buenos Aires.

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