Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chile 1000 Pesos

Chile 1000 Pesos 2000 VF
Front: Ignacio Carrera Pinto
Back: "CHILE A SUS HÉROES" ("Chile, to its heroes")

When the War of the Pacific, between Chile, on one side, and Peru and Bolivia on the other, started in 1879, Carrera Pinto enrolled in the "Esmeralda" battalion. During the next years, and as a consequence of his personal merits, he was promoted rapidly. In 1881, he became lieutenant and, in 1882, captain. He participated in the Lima Campaign and in the Sierra Campaign, during which he was killed in the Battle of La Concepción. Read more
Ignacio Carrera Pinto and the Héroes de la Concepción
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