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Is a large Drukpa Kagyu Buddhist monastery and fortress in Paro District. It houses the district Monastic Body and government administrative offices of Paro Dzongkhag. Some scenes in the 1993 film Little Buddha were filmed in this Dzong.

Bhutan 10 Ngultrum UNC 1986
Front Design: His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck, Government Crest on the Left, Dungkar (onch) one of the Eight lucky signs in the center
Back Design: Paro Rinpung Dzong


Brunei 1 Dollar 1992 VG

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

3rd Series - Ship Series (1984 - 1999)

Singapore 1 Dollar Shipseries 1987 UNC
Front design : "Sha Chuan", A Chinese crane
Type of fish : Cyprinus carpio or Chinese carp
Back design : Sentosa Satellite Earth Station

3rd Series - Ship Series (1984 - 1999)

Front design : "Tongkang", is a light boat used commonly in the old days to carry goods along rivers
Centre Panel : A rising sun to the right of main design
Back design : Different ethnic groups participating in Chingay procession

First issued : 28 January 1991 (Red), 16 December 1991 (Purple)

Monday, July 6, 2009

3rd Series - Ship Series (1984 - 1999)

Singapore 5 Dollar Shipseries 1989 UNC
Front design :"Twakow"
Centre Panel :A Chinese lion with a ball, type of fish Commerson's Anchovy or Stolephorus commersonii
Back design : View of the PSA Container Terminal

Twakow a type of vessel with one mast and junk rig. They were a common sight in the Singapore river in the mid 19th century. Among the ships used on the coast of China.

This ship, the Keying, is an example of a Chinese commerce ship employing the junk rig. It traveled from China to the United States and England for trading between 1846 to 1848.
Information and Image Obtained From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

3rd Series - Ship Series (1984 - 1999)

Singapore 10 Dollar Shipseries 1988 UNC
Front: Barter trading vessel "Palari"
Center: A phoenix, type of fish Round Scad or Decapterus Macrosoma
Back: HDB block

3rd Series - Ship Series (1984 - 1999)

Singapore 50 Dollar Shipseries UNC
Front: Coaster vessel "Perak"
Centre: A pair of Mandarin ducks, Type of fish : Six-banded grouper or Epinephelus Sexfasciatus (Valenciennes)
Back design : Bird's-eye view of Benjamin Sheares Bridge

Benjamin Sheares Bridge is the longest bridge in singapore opened on 1982 length of 1.8km and is named after Dr Benjamin Henry Sheares, the 2nd president of the Republic.

Singapore Commemorative Polymer Note

Singapore 50 Dollar 1990 UNC
Front: On the left is a painting image features the harbour and waterfront. On the right is the container terminal flanked by the lofty buildings of the financial district.
Back: Multi racial character of Singapore. On the right is a mixed group of jubilant Singaporean, with the state flag and Singapore Arms behind them. On the left is shown the sitting of the first Parliament.

Center: Shows the first President of Singapore, Encik Yusof bin Ishak, with five stars on the left. Four blossoms of the national flower, Vanda Miss Jaaquim, are above this oval; these flowers are perfectly matched on the front and the back of the note.

Turkey-1980s series

Turkey 10 Lira UNC
Front: President Ataturk
Back: School Children


Turkey 5 Lira 1970 VG
Front: President Ataturk
Back: Waterfalls
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