Sunday, February 8, 2009


Somalia 50 Shillings 1991 UNC
Front: Loom worker
Back: Young person leading a donkey w/3 children on back. Arms at top left center.

There is no specific period that can be traced the starting era of the use of money metallic coins in Somalia, but from the history we acknowledged that the trade relations between the neighboring countries in the exchange of goods were based with the currencies used by those inhabitants of the region namely in the Arabian Peninsula and in India. Banknotes printed were of 100 Somalo, 20 Somalo, 10 Somalo and 5 Somalo. On 23rd March, 1961 the currency Somalo was renamed into ‘Somali Shilling’.The first new series of banknotes were issued of denominations of 100 Shilling, 20 Shilling, 10 hilling and 5 Shilling in 1962. Read More

Information Obtained Central Bank of Somalia

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