Thursday, February 26, 2009


Peru 500 Soles 1985 UNC
Front: Francisco Bolognesi (1816-1879)Peruvian military hero
Back: Two Mine Workers

Francisco Bolognesi
Peruvian hero during the War of the Pacific
Born November 4, 1816(1816-11-04)
Lima, Lima, Peru
Died June 7, 1880 (aged 63)
Arica, Tarapaca, Peru

Francisco Bolognesi was born in Lima on November 4, 1816, his paternal family was of Italian-Peruvian background. He attended the Seminary of Arequipa until he was 16 and then entered into a career in commerce. He was involved with the military in July, 1844, in an action at Carmen Alto, a local district of Arequipa. While offered a position in the military, he elected to remain in civilian life.
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