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Honduras 5 Lempiras 2003 UNC
Front: Morazan (1792-15 September 1842)
Back: Battle De La Trinida (Noviembre II De 1827)

The currency of Honduras was named leader of the lempira. It also commemorates the hero Lenca Puerto Lempira, the Honduran capital of the department of Gracias a Dios, as well as the aforementioned department of Lempira

The Bank of Honduras and the Banco Atlantida issued the first lempira banknotes in 1932. They were in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 lempiras. The Central Bank of Honduras took over production of paper money in 1950, introducing 50 lempiras notes in 1951. In 1975, 100 lempiras notes were added, followed by 500 lempiras in 1995.

Francisco Morazán is considered one of the most important military leaders in the history of Central America. Francisco Morazán had a brother and two sisters: Benito, Marcelina, and Cesarea Morazán.The wife of Francisco Morazán was the lady Maria Josefa Lastiri. (Image Obtained from www.tiquicia.org)

They had a daughter whom they named Adela. Outside of this marriage Morazán had two sons: José Antonio and Francisco. All of those who knew Morazan describe him as a tall man, physically strong, intellectually gifted, self-disciplined, and at times controversial.

Francisco Morazán

Bust of Morazán at San Pedro Perulapán

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