Sunday, August 30, 2009

French Banknotes, 10 Francs 1975

Last photograph of Berlioz, 1868

French Banknotes (Old Francs)10 Francs VG 1975
Front: Louis Hector Berlioz
Back: Hector Berlioz with a music instrument

Cabinet card photo of Hector Berlioz by Franck, Paris, ca. 1855.

Hector Berlioz born on 11/12/1803 he was a music composer. Best known as French Romantic composer. He performed several concerts with more than 1,000 musicians and also composed around 50 songs for voice and guitar. He born in france to a respected provincial physician, scholar father and to an orthodox Roman Catholic mother. He had five siblings in all, three of whom did not survive to adulthood. The other two, Nanci and Adèle, remained close to Berlioz throughout his life. He studying music at age 12. In 1821, at age 18, Berlioz was sent to Paris to study medicine,a field for which he had no interest and, later, outright disgust after viewing a human corpse being dissected. Read More

Painting of a young Berlioz by Émile Signol, 1832. Owned by the French Academy, Rome. Also in a reproduction by Paul Siffert, 1907. Owned by Musée Hector Berlioz

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