Saturday, June 20, 2009


Ecuador 10 Sucres 1986 VG
Front: Sebastian de Benalcazar(1479 or 1480 to 1551) was a Spanish conquistador.
Back: National Coat of Arms of Ecuador

He was born Sebastián Moyano in the province of Córdoba, Spain, in either 1479 or 1480. He took the name Belalcázar or Benalcázar as that was the name of the castle-town near to his birthplace in Córdoba. According to various sources, he may have left for the New World with Christopher Columbus as early as 1498, but Juan de Castellanos wrote that he killed a mule in 1507, and fled Spain for the West Indies due to fear of punishment, and as a chance to escape the poverty in which he lived.

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