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Venezuela 5 Bolivares UNC
Front: Pedro Camejo(Venezuelan soldier)
Back: Giant Armadillo - also, variously, Tatou, Ocarro, Tatu-canastra or Tatú Carreta, Priodontes maximus is the largest living species of armadillo. It was once found widely throughout the tropical forests of eastern South America and now ranges throughout varied habitat as far south as northern Argentina. This species is considered vulnerable to extinction

Bust of Pedro Camejo in Camp Carabobo

Camejo was a slave of Vicente Alonzo in Apure. Pedro Camejo, better known as Negro Primero, or 'The First Black' (San Juan de Payara, Venezuela, 1790 - Campo Carabobo, Venezuela, June 24, 1821) was a Venezuelan soldier who at first fought with the royal army, only to later go over to the rebel army during the Venezuelan war of independence, reaching the rank of lieutenant.

The nickname of Negro Primero was inspired by his bravery and skill in handling spears, and because he was always in the first line of attack on the battlefield. It is also attributed to his having been the only officer of colour in the army of Simon Bolívar.
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