Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Macedonia 10 Denar 1992
Front: Farmers harvesting
Back: Ilinden monument

Macedonium. The Ilinden Monument
Kruševo, Macedonia
Futuristic monument to Macedonian national uprising, engineered and built during the Socialist ’60s. The abstract monument is designed by a late architect-artist couple Iskra and Jordan Grabul. It has been maintained, but it never took emotional place in the hearts of ordinary Macedonians yearning for the new-old, post-socialist identity based on a mix of values in-between Byzantium and the times of the Alexander the Great. This structure is a master piece in the struggle against figuration, although it resembles anything from bio-molecular models to medieval weaponry.

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Jay said...

Pretty crazy looking momunment if you ask me! Very classy banknote nevertheless. Hope all is well.

Malini Naidu Letchumanan Journey said...

@ Jay,

Thanks Jay :)

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