Sunday, December 26, 2010

Angola 100 Escudos 1972

Angola 100 Escudos 1972 UNC
Front: Marechal Carmona
Back: Elaeis Guineensis
Carmona was a republican and a freemason and was a quick aderent to the proclamation of the republic, at 5 October 1910. He was however never a sympathizer of the democratic form of government and like he later would confess in a interview to António Ferro, he only voted for the first time at the National Plebiscite, in 1933. During the I Republic he was briefly War Minister in the Ministry of António Ginestal Machado in 1923. Unlike the popular marshall Gomes da Costa, Carmona had not fought in World War I. In January 1914 he married Maria do Carmo Ferreira da Silva (Chaves, 28 September 1878 - 13 March 1956), daughter of Germano da Silva and wife Engrácia de Jesus. With this marriage he legitimized their three children.

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