Monday, September 20, 2010


Lebonan 100 Livres 1988 UNC
Front: Palais Beit Eddin, Lebanon

The Beit Eddin palace complex, Lebanon's best example of early 19th century Lebanese architecture, was built over a thirty year period by Emir Bechir El-Chehab II, who ruled Mount Lebanon for more than half a century.
With its arcades, galleries and rooms decorated by artists from Lebanon, Damascus and Italy, this building is considered a model of eastern architecture.
It has decorated ceiling, colorful mosaic floors, luxurious Ottoman baths, numerous glass-studded cupolas, harem suites overlooking the wonderful valley of Deir El-Qamar, a guest house in which the French poet Lamartine once dwelt, water jets and wonderful colonnades.
Today the palace houses a museum of feudal weapons, costumes and jewelry as well as an archaeological museum and a museum of Byzantine Mosaics.

Information Obtained from AtlasTours.Net

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