Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Iraq 25 Dinars 1978 UNC
Front: Three galloping Arabian horses
Back: Courtyard of the Abbasid Palace in Baghdad(Madrasa Sharabiyya, or Bishriyya)

Added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on July 7, 2000 in the Cultural category.
The only Abbasid palace left in Baghdad located near the North Gate overlooking the Tigris. It is believed to have been built by Caliph Al-Naser Ledinillah (1179 - 1225 AD), in whose reign other notable institutions were built. Read more
Source: AtlasTours.Net

Qasr-Al-Khalifa or Abbasid Palace in Samarra was built in 221 AH (AD 836) and is one of the most famous Islamic palaces in the world.

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