Monday, April 19, 2010

Ukraine, St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, World Heritage UNESCO

Ukraine 2 Hryvnia 1995 UNC
Front: Yaroslav The Wise
Back: St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev

In his youth, Yaroslav was sent by his father to rule the northern lands around Rostov but was transferred to Novgorod, as befitted a senior heir to the throne, in 1010. While living there, he founded the town of Yaroslavl (literally, "Yaroslav's") on the Volga. His relations with father were apparently strained, and grew only worse on the news that Volodymyr bequeathed the Kievan throne to his younger son, Boris. In 1014 Yaroslav refused to pay tribute to Kiev and only Volodymyr's death prevented a war. Read more

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