Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Indonesia-Batch 1992-1995

Indonesia 20,000 Rupiah 1995 VF
Front: Red Bird of Paradise(Cenderawasih Merah)
Back: Paradise Clove flower(Cengkeh), map of Indonesia

1992 saw a complete overhaul of all denominations of notes for the first time since 1968. In addition, a new top denomation, 20,000 rupiah note was added, with a US$ value of approximately $10 at the time. This was the first new denomination of the 'new rupiah' since the 10,000 rupiah had been issued in April 1970 (then worth about US$26). From this issue forwards, Indonesian notes have carried in small text in the note border the year of printing; the most conspicuous date on the note is still the date of authority (e.g., "Direksi 1992"). Read more

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