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Major Religions- Islam, Christianity, Hindusim, Buddhism. Currency- Rupiah. Indian traders and priests from Asia came to Sumatra and java around A.D.100. they brought Hindusim and Buddhism. Islam reached the area in 1100. European traders came to the Islands from 1500s. Dutch were in control of all Indonesia in 1800s. Indonesia claimed its Independence at the end of World War II in 1945.

Indonesia 500 Rupiah unc 1988
Front Design: Sunda Sambar (also sambur, sambhur, Tamil: Kadaththi man, Assamese: Xor Pohu), is the common name for several large dark brown and maned Asian deer, particularly for the Indian species (Cervus unicolor), which attains a height of 102 to 160 cm. The coat is dark brown with chestnut marks on the rump and underparts. The males are solitary and highly aggressive toward other males during this time. Females may live in groups of eight. A male may have one whole group of females in his territory. The gestation period for the females is around 9 months with one fawn born at a time.
*information obtained from: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sri Lankan Sambar Deer
Image obtained from: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Back Design: Bank Indonesia building, Cirebon

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Edwin said...

We now just can't find Indonesian banknotes of IDR 500 denomination. Only coins of this denomination keep up in the air. As the central bank issued the new banknotes of IDR 2000 denomination by last July, the small denominations are likely to be unpopular from this time on...

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